I'm a self-taught chef with a passion for connecting people to simple ways they can live well through food and herbs.  


My academic background is in the arts and journalism. Somewhere along the way, I wove my deep interest in caring for the land, the sea, and our bodies into a business I called Vesta Foods, after the Roman goddess of fire and family.  


I started Vesta in 2013 as a private chef and catering business. There's a focus on fresh, wholesome ingredients. Lots of herbs. Cooking inspired by traditional cultures but adapted to today's highly specific diets. 

Next up: i'm working on a simple, delicious, and edible body-care line made with medicinal herbs. Follow me on instagram to keep up with the mischief. 

What I do:

  • Personal Chef Services (with a focus on whole foods, allergy-friendly cooking, seasonal foods and medicinal herbs)

  • Boutique Catering

  • Food, Nutrition & Herbalism Workshops

  • Ayurveda

Download the Fall Ayurveda Food & Herb Guide

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